Thirteen Orphans

by Stenobot

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Thirteen Orphans follows the footsteps of its predecessor, Sink Or Swim We'll Go Together, layering Game Boy, guitars, homemade synths, vocals, and other strange instruments to create a sprawling landscape of music. Join Stenobot as he weaves together stories, sounds, and experiences into a captivating and ambitious collection of work.

Download the album to receive all 14 songs, as well as one of Stenobot's LSDJ SAV files. (The SAV file has a .PNG extension. You'll need to manually change the file extension to ".SAV" before loading it onto your Game Boy cartridge.)


released January 29, 2013




Stenobot Seattle, Washington

Although Game Boy is at the heart of Stenobot's music, it's a combination of various strange instruments and quiet melodies that make up the whole. As one third of Supercommuter, Stenobot applies his formula to hip hop. As a solo artist, he takes it somewhere undefinable. ... more

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Track Name: The Green Dragon, Part 1
Maud was a young girl with a spirit strong and kind
Playing in Haugh Wood where the river meets the Wye
She came upon a helpless creature small and green
Lost and alone she took the poor defenseless beast under her wing

Soon Maud discovered what a creature she had found
They formed a bond she knew her kin would not allow

Maud was forbade to take the creature in her care
She didn't listen and she hid him in a lair
Track Name: Fray
Lightning will strike me for what I have done
I am the East Wind and West is the sun
Following close like a moth to the flame
For all these sins there is no one to blame but myself

Even if I win I'll be lost in the fray
Even if I fail I'll be lost in the fray
Even if I run I'll be lost in the fray
There is no escape I am lost in the fray

We desecrated the seeds that were sown
There is no word for the fruit that was born
We are not gods, this is not science
We're stubborn and flawed, people are dying

In the name of science

Even if I win I'll be lost in the fray
Even if I fail I'll be lost in the fray
Even if I run I'll be lost in the fray
There is no escape I am lost in the fray
Track Name: Nia's Dream
Restless and sleepless entropy
Disperse chaotic energy
Boredom will get the best of me
Misery does love company

I see…
Autogyros in the air
Rocketships that go to heaven
Shooting stars that have no end
I hear… all the earth in unison

Building a hiding place between
Your world and mine and everything
Where we can go is up to me
Living a dream within a dream

I see…
Airship pirate skeletons
Turbines crashing into earth
Satellites and aliens
I hear… all the world in unison
Track Name: Her Brightness
Once upon a time there was a little girl, brighter than the sunshine
Then one day the grey clouds covered up the sky, her brightness turned to night time
Where oh where can her brightness be?
Without her we can barely see
Everything is sad and cold and bleak
Where oh where can her brightness be?

So her friends, determined, went to look for her, they set out on a journey
Every nook and cranny, no stone left unturned, until they came up empty

Where oh where can her brightness be?
Without her we can barely see
We will search every land and sea
Where oh where can her brightness be?

Tired from their journey, they returned home, discouraged, and without that which they sought. But not without hope. They stayed by their friend's side, day and night, her light dimming like the evening sun. Each night, they hoped and prayed and begged and pleaded, even when all seemed lost. Till one morning, out the window and under a tree, they noticed something. A magical locket with a faded light, barely shining, fighting to make itself known through the dirt and the leaves. Where it came from, they did not know. They quickly gathered the locket and brought it to their friend, clasped it around her neck, and together, they brought her brightness back into this world.

Where oh where will her brightness be?
It will shine wherever she may be
We will follow any land and sea
Where oh where will her brightness be?
Track Name: Sea of Resonance
Falling through the cracks of repetition
Playing in a field of mistakes

Swimming in a sea of resonance

Sinking down,
Struggling against the undercurrent
Flailing 'round
drowning in a sea of resonance

Swimming in a sea of resonance

Living in a world of repercussions
Playing in a field of mistakes
Track Name: Metronome
We communicate at frequencies that twist and bend the sense of time
A metronome develops a mind of its own when we can't see

Rarely spoken, always broken, until we look away
How these things can heal themselves

We present ourselves in binary
Refuel our shame repeatedly
Zeroes and ones we will inject
To simplify our injuries

Rarely spoken, always broken, until we look away
How these things can heal themselves
Track Name: Melora's Song
Love came by from the riversmoke
When the leaves were fresh on the tree,
But I cut my heart on the blackjack oak
Before they fell on me.

The leaves are green in the early Spring,
They are brown as linsey now,
I did not ask for a wedding-ring
From the wind in the bending bough.

Lightly, lightly, leaves of the wild,
Fall lightly on my care,
I am not the first to go with child
Because of the blowing air.

Cold and cold and cold again
Cold in the Blackjack's arms
The good girl sleeps with the gospel word
To keep her honor warm

Good girls sleep in their modesty,
Bad girls sleep in their shame,
But I must sleep in the hollow tree
Till my child can have a name.

I'll feed him milk out of my own breast
And call him Whistling Jack,
And his dad'll bring him a partridge nest,
Just as soon as his dad comes back.

He's going to act like a hound let loose
When he comes from the blackjack tree,
And he's going to walk in proud shoes
All over Tennessee.
Track Name: Mysterious Unknown
Mysterious unknown
Each night our minds are thrown
Our bodies not our own
What wonders will be shown?
Track Name: The Bronze Snake
Spring forth O well
Sing about the well
That the princes dug and the nobles sank
The nobles with scepters and staffs
Track Name: In The End
Manifested fears, these are the things of my dreams
Neither waking nor sleeping, some place in between
When I closed my eyes I could not see the seams
Wake up wondering what will tomorrow bring?

Standing at the edge, the darkness was so deep
If I die I pray the Lord my soul to keep
In the mornng always looking for a way out
Hoping that my waking eyes can tell lightness from the dark

In the end there is love
Everywhere hope is not
Like the stars up above
Shining down around us
Track Name: The Green Dragon, Part 2
As Maud grew older, she was shunned by her own ilk
Meanwhile, her dragon slowly lost his taste for milk
All the town's livestock disappearing one by one
Maud stayed beside him, not for duty, but a deep and hidden love

Deep in the darkness, in the corner of her eye
Something was moving like a storm cloud in the night
Fiery and sharp the pitchforks glimmered from the flames
Maud's love was stronger than their concentrated hate

Maud raised her sword and ran ahead with great resolve
Then something came to pass she never could have thought
Gone was the helpless creature long ago she'd found
Left was a frightful beast whose savage knew no bounds

First light of morning showed the hillside scorched and red
Neither the beast nor Maud were found among the dead
Track Name: Welcome Home
Wandering wolves will seek
Out the oppressed and weak
They masquerade as sheep
Digging their hooks in deep

Words are a quenching drink
Truthful or poisoning
Where must the heart find peace?
Ask and you shall receive

One day they'll find you
You're ripe for the picking they can tell
Their kindness will blind you
Welcome home

One day they'll find you
Make no mistake, they'll bleed you dry
Their words are designed to
Feel like home

Wandering sheep are we
Trapped here in terror's keep
If I die in my sleep
What will become of me?

One day he'll find you
Destined to live a life of joy
It's love that will bind you
Welcome home

One day he'll find you
knowing he knew you all along
His word was designed to
Bring us home