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Sink or Swim We'll Go Together

by Stenobot

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Far too far for us to wander Will this tempest last much longer? Much too much for us to weather Sink or swim we'll go together Without warning without reason Out of breath and out of season Summer rain and Winter warming Hold on tight the worst is forming Bracing for the Western Wind Torn apart and wearing thin Take me away To the edge and back again No beginning and no end Take me away Fight the storm from deep inside us 'til the chaos has subsided Come tomorrow hope will find us Breaking over the horizon Conquering the Western Wind To the edge and back again Take me away
Counts 04:30
Lizards from the sky have descended upon the land Wreaking only death and destruction is their intent Circling like vultures around us, they pierce our souls With fiery eyes of hatred and malice There's nowhere left to run Even the darkest night can't hide their gaze upon us Circling day and night ignites the fear within We are but simple mice gathering for the winter Nothing can save us now, the end is nigh The lizard king has landed among us with eyes ablaze Tribal Counts he calls to a duel to stake his claim Helplessly we scatter for cover beneath his wings One emerges unlike the others against the king Armed with only cunning and reason He fells the king and drive off the legion Even the darkest night can't hide the light within us As we give honor to our newly christened king Only the heavenly light could architect this victory Crushing the powerful and lifting up the weak
Black Clouds 03:50
Black clouds overhead Black birds circling the trees Waiting for this storm to end It won't settle, there will never be peace Wearing thin, fever sets in We will grit our teeth through the worst of it We will kick and scream through the worst of it Blue sheets on our bed Bluebirds whispering in the breeze We imagine what they said Is what lies behind the curtain just a dream?
Rock patterns dripping, caught in the dim light, blinding like constellations hidden in plain sight, shining Trapped in this dark cave, hunting without eyes, sensing Nothing left to run from in the dark Nothing to be scared of in the dark Living side by side, striving to survive Everything is safer in the dark Into the daylight, senses adjusting, slowly Outside is danger, all of our flaws, exposing Outside the cave, we are the prey Nothing left to run from in the dark Nothing to be scared of in the dark Living side by side, striving to survive Everything is safer in the dark We do not have an identity Outside nocturnal community Even within this our lightless pit Every last breath is a precious gift
Vincristine 02:11
Let all the city kids play Way past the light of day When the sun is sleeping The railings are monkey bars The street lights are made of stars Life was made for living Fallen leaves on the ground Miss the trees and the sound of blowing wind When everything is out of bounds It's only time till the wind picks them up again Let all the sick kids sleep Connected to loud machines Here inside the hospital Watching it all unfurl Cut off from the outside world Waiting for the leaves to fall When you stop, then you see the right from the wrong When you stop, then you see what was there all along
Our bodies are fragile vessels in troubled water Capsized by foreign peril Lost at sea, lost completely Oh captain, my captain, the sun is setting swiftly Save us from this darkness, lest it consume us wholly
Sleepy Room 04:18
Wake up to the morning rain Take a walk around the lake Feed the ducks who are away They're asleep but we're awake There is a light in you Cut out shapes and paper wings Tape them to our backs and sing Watch a video of our friends Fall asleep before the end There is a light in you Falling means letting go completely The worst is already defeated Where we will land is ever pending Enjoy the book without the ending
Veil 03:34
Live, love Without regret Lift the veil from our eyes I was blind in my mind Now I see what truly matters Looking forward never looking back Just enough to separate the wheat from the chaff Fog is lifting never coming back Through wreckage we must sift We will find the perfect gift Disguised as pain: saving grace Looking forward never looking back Letting go of rope that slowly slips through our grasp Fog is lifting never coming back Just enough to separate the wheat from the chaff Looking forward never looking back Learning how to recognize the now from the past Smoke is clearing never coming back Only in HIm will we see the life from the death
The world falls apart before our eyes Take me away Save us from this Take me home
Rain beating down It's voice sharp and nimble Light of the moon is dim through the window Give everything we have to the darkness Fight, but we cannot win on our own power Dancing shadows in a darkened hallway On the creaking floorboards They will find you Dancing shadows underneath the stairwell In the heart of darkness They will find you Night will turn to day (Like the stars in the morning) Light the sky again (His bright crown adorning) Shining from our King (They will shine in their beauty) This is why we sing (Bright gems for His crown)


Come on a beautiful journey through joy and sorrow in this poignant new release from Stenobot. Better known as the musical force behind Seattle's Supercommuter, Stenobot brings a unique blend of quirky Game Boy sounds and dreamy pop melodies on his first solo album. Featuring a guest vocals by Jen Wood of the Postal Service.

This special edition of the CD is limited to 50, and includes a handmade, hard-bound photo book—one photo for each song on the album. All proceeds go directly to Child's Play.


released October 12, 2010

All songs by Andy Myers, except tracks 8 and 13 co-written with Matt Kennall. Produced by Joshua Myers. Guest vocals by Heidi Alayne, Jeff Suffering, and Jen Wood.




Stenobot Seattle, Washington

Although Game Boy is at the heart of Stenobot's music, it's a combination of various strange instruments and quiet melodies that make up the whole. As one third of Supercommuter, Stenobot applies his formula to hip hop. As a solo artist, he takes it somewhere undefinable. ... more

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